Tuesday, April 9, 2013

that time I ran my first 10k

Sunday I ran the Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter Run for Food and Shelter 10k.  After not racing at all last year, I had really been looking forward to safety pinning a number to my shirt again.  The morning of the race I was pretty nervous but excited.  My emotions were because I thought I could potentially do pretty well, but I was scared to admit it to anyone, even myself.  I assumed the number of people running would be pretty small, and I had been running faster than ever recently, so I was really curious to see what I could do.

seems like a good number 

I received this text from my favorite running friend that morning: 
"Good luck today! Have Fun!! Try running the second half feeling uncomfortable" 

I had been talking with her about how I wanted try to finish in under 50min.  She assured me that it was possible, and knew exactly what to say that morning.  It was the motivation and the strength I needed.

I decided to start near the front of pack.  There weren't too many people there, and I thought if I started up front it would be just the push I needed.  Butterflies were flying around in my stomach, but I was ready.  Get set.  Go! 

When I first started I knew I was running a little faster than I planned.  But I felt really good so I decided to go with it.  I have a horrible habit of starting too fast, so I expected it.  When my Garmin beeped at mile one I looked down to see 7:36.  Woah.  That is definitely the fastest mile I have ran.  Ever.  I felt great, but I knew I needed to slow down a bit. 

Mile 2. 8:00
Mile 3. 8:14

There was also a 5k that day and both races started at the same time.  Those running the 5k turned left to finish, as we who were running the 10k stayed straight for the 2nd half.  I had a small cheering group of my mom, brother, and boyfriend who I was very happy to see at the half way point.  Only 3.1 miles to go.

Mile 4. 8:01
Mile 5. 7:57

It was around this point that I really truly started to believe I can do this.  I had never pushed myself like this before and it felt amazing.  My legs were getting tired, but it was good tired.  My head was in the right place and I felt strong. 

It was also around this point that the course turned to the left and a strong head wind slapped me in the face.  And then there was a hill.  Thankfully, my house is surrounded by hills so I am no stranger to them.  They don't really bother me actually, but combined with the wind that felt like it was trying to push me backwards, it was not exactly the last mile I had hoped for.  But I kept pushing.  I was almost there and I definitely was not about to give up.       

Mile 6. 8:15.

I knew I was going to be close to 50min.  I could see the finish on my left and saw that there was just one more corner to turn.  As I went around I saw the clock, it was climbing towards 49min.  My legs were super tired at this point and my chest was burning from the cold wind.  I was so close.  I sprinted, or at least felt like I was sprinting.  I was staring at the clock thinking I did it.  

According to the results posted after the race I finished at 49:52 with an 8:01 average pace.  I also finished 2nd in my age group.  WHAT?!  I had to look a couple of times to make sure I was reading it correctly.  I couldn't believe it.  Sure, it was a small race, but I didn't care.  I did exactly what I wanted to do and I was so proud of myself.  

My new favorite medal! 

I am proud of myself.
Up next: Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon May 26!    


  1. This was my first 10k too, back in 2009. You are so fast, congrats on an awesome race! I can never seem to race a 10k properly.

    I grew up in NH, but now live in NYC. I miss NH races :)

  2. Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed the race and will probably do it again next year. If you ever make it back for a race in NH let me know!