Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I got this

With just 3 days to go until I'll be running through the streets of Philadelphia, I'm feeling many different emotions. I'm excited to get another shot at the marathon, and I'm confident I had a great training cycle, but mostly I'm anxious and nervous at this point. I've been trying to keep busy and focus on other things, but my mind always ends up thinking of what's to come.

I had a good week of training last week, which helped calm my nerves temporarily. I had a couple of workouts to do and a long run on Sunday, but overall my mileage greatly decreased.

November 10 - 16

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: 6 x 800 @ 10k pace. I averaged around 7:45 pace. Total = 6.5 miles with warm up and cool down.

Wednesday: 40 min easy, which ended up being about 4.2 miles. I keep my easy runs very easy, especially at this point.

crazy morning fog and a pond full of geese

Thursday: Rest. I had to move Thursday's run to Friday because I had to be at work at 5:30am and had an interview right after, which left no time to run.

Friday: 6 mile tempo between marathon and half marathon pace. This has been my nemesis. For some reason I have always struggled with the tempo miles. Looking back I think it's because I build it up so much in my head, which causes me to tighten up right away and struggle. I really think it's been more mental than anything else. So, obviously I was a little nervous going in to this, but I was also determined to get it done. I've been doing a lot of mile repeats and 2 x mile this cycle, so I knew I could do it. I needed to prove it to myself. I was able to stay calm by thinking of all that I've done leading up to this workout. I got through all 6 miles right on pace averaging 8:30/mile. Nailed it.

Saturday: 30 min easy, 3.2 miles

Sunday: 14 mile long run. 10 miles easy + 4 @ MP. I felt great during the easy miles, but my legs felt a little heavy during those at marathon pace.

last long run before Philly!

Total Miles = 36.6

This week I had one final workout on Tuesday, which consisted of 2 miles @ MP, 2 miles @ 10 sec faster than MP, 1 mile at HMP. This workout went very well. I hit all my paces and felt strong throughout. Now, it's all easy runs from here on out until Sunday. 

I don't think I could get tired of this

Some final thoughts... 

I'm not really sure how to describe how I'm feeling. I feel more on edge this time around. I'm not really sure why that is. Maybe it has something to do with my last marathon experience. Or maybe it's because I know deep down I'm capable of so much more. My ultimate goal this time around remains the same. I want to finish this marathon feeling good about my experience. That wasn't the case after the last two because I put so much pressure on a time goal. Of course, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to cross that finish line less than 4hrs after I start. 

Deep breaths. It's almost go time. 

thank you Amanda for this amazing card!

Monday, November 10, 2014

peak week

Last week I peaked at 50 miles. I realize for many this isn't all that much, but for me it was a huge step forward. I finally hit the big 5-0 and ran my highest mileage week ever. It felt great.

Here's how it went:

November 3-9

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10 x 200 on, 200 off at 10k pace w/ 15 min warm up and 10 min cool down. I enjoy these types of workouts and felt really strong. All 200's were at or under 10k pace with the last one being the fastest. Total = 5.5 miles

my happy place

Wednesday: about 57 min easy. Total = 6 miles.

getting to be as many leaves on the ground as in the trees

Thursday: 4 x 2 miles @ MP with a 10 min warm up and cool down. I wasn't sure how this one would go, but to my surprise it went great! My paces looked like this: 8:50, 8:45...8:48, 8:53...8:34, 8:37...8:32, 8:26. The last 2 sets were faster than MP but I felt good so I went with it. I kept reminding myself to stay calm and picture myself running smoothly around the track. For some reason that helps me and this run was no exception. Total = 10.5 miles.

playing with the flowers in between mile repeats

Friday: about 57 min easy. Friday's are typically rest days for me, but I had to work Saturday and then had some friends visiting from NH. So I moved the run to Friday. Total = 6 miles.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 22 miles. This is the first time I've done 22 miles in a training cycle. My goal was to keep it slow and just get through the miles. That's what I did. For the most part I felt pretty good. My legs started to feel tired about half way through, but I wasn't surprised considering this was my highest mileage week. Thankfully I lucked out with a beautiful day, which made the miles that much better. I was beyond happy when I finished this one.

beautiful day to run 22 miles

this incline is so gradual it's hard to feel, but the elevation chart always makes me laugh...
and feel a little badass 

Total = 50 miles

With two weeks to go I'm feeling prepared and ready to run the marathon I know I'm capable of, which is my number one goal this time around. I've been thinking a lot about how I plan to attack this marathon mentally as I know that's my biggest obstacle.

And now we taper.

Monday, November 3, 2014

NYC + training last week

Cheering for all the incredible runners who ran the NYC marathon this past weekend was one of the most fun and inspiring experiences I've had recently. I made the trip with Stacey and we spent the weekend with Beth in her apartment (a huge THANK YOU to Beth for letting me spend this amazing weekend with her). I'm not sure I can capture the incredibleness of this weekend in words, so I'll try to do so with pictures. 

Let the good times begin...enjoying some wine on the train on the way down with Stacey.

We spent the first night ordering dinner, chatting about all things running, planning our route for our long runs Saturday morning, and enjoying some wine in Beth's apartment. Saturday morning we got up early to run. I had 20miles to get through before noon when we planned to go to the Oiselle team meet up. It was so fun seeing some familiar faces, and finally meeting so many fellow birds. 

I loved running around central park

Beth, myself, and Stacey at the start of 20 miles

I got to see the infamous Little Red Lighthouse

Oiselle meet up
So many fabulous women in 1 room

After the meet up, we went and checked out the expo for a bit, and then finally made out way back to Beth's to order dinner, enjoy some more wine, and put our feet up in preparation for some serious marathon cheering the next morning. 

We woke up Sunday bright and early to squeeze in a recovery run before breaking out our cowbells.

love these ladies

yay running!

After our run we made our way over to 100th and 1st to cheer for everyone running the marathon.

lead pack of men

heading to the next spot to cheer

Enjoying central park one last time before catching the train back to Boston.

I had so much fun cheering and ringing a cowbell until my arm hurt. Experiencing the NYC Marathon as a spectator was amazing. Seeing everyone who ran in the incredibly windy and cold weather was inspiring. I definitely feel the fire burning a lot stronger after this weekend for the Philadelphia Marathon. With three weeks to go I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll be prepared to do my best. Training last week went really well and it was capped off with a great weekend of running in New York.

October 27 - November 2

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2 sets of 1000 @ MP, 800 @ HMP, 600 @ 5k pace, 400 @ mile pace w/ 3 min jog recovery between everything plus 15 min warm up and cool down - 7.2 miles total. I felt pretty good throughout the whole work out. I hit all my paces except 5k. For some reason I tend to struggle to hit that pace. But otherwise I felt strong.

Wednesday: about 58 min easy - 6 miles. Easy recovery run. 

Thursday: 70 minutes on hilly terrain - 7.2 miles. 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 miles easy, 4 @ MP (8:48, 8:52, 8:46, 8:51), 5 miles easy, 3 miles @ HMP (8:03, 8:03, 8:03), 4 miles easy - 20 miles total in NYC. I was super nervous for this run and about hitting the half marathon paces from miles 13-16. I was beyond happy when I finished it exactly where I wanted to be. I am also so grateful for the ladies who helped me get through this one. I couldn't have done it without them.  

loved having the opportunity to run around NYC

Sunday: 5 miles easy along the Hudson River 

Total Mileage: 45.5 

I can't believe there's only 3 weeks of training left until the marathon. I'm feeling more ready after this weekend and inspired by all the runners who finished the NYC Marathon. Here's to an amazing weekend and another great week of running! 

thanks for a great weekend, New York