Monday, November 10, 2014

peak week

Last week I peaked at 50 miles. I realize for many this isn't all that much, but for me it was a huge step forward. I finally hit the big 5-0 and ran my highest mileage week ever. It felt great.

Here's how it went:

November 3-9

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10 x 200 on, 200 off at 10k pace w/ 15 min warm up and 10 min cool down. I enjoy these types of workouts and felt really strong. All 200's were at or under 10k pace with the last one being the fastest. Total = 5.5 miles

my happy place

Wednesday: about 57 min easy. Total = 6 miles.

getting to be as many leaves on the ground as in the trees

Thursday: 4 x 2 miles @ MP with a 10 min warm up and cool down. I wasn't sure how this one would go, but to my surprise it went great! My paces looked like this: 8:50, 8:45...8:48, 8:53...8:34, 8:37...8:32, 8:26. The last 2 sets were faster than MP but I felt good so I went with it. I kept reminding myself to stay calm and picture myself running smoothly around the track. For some reason that helps me and this run was no exception. Total = 10.5 miles.

playing with the flowers in between mile repeats

Friday: about 57 min easy. Friday's are typically rest days for me, but I had to work Saturday and then had some friends visiting from NH. So I moved the run to Friday. Total = 6 miles.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 22 miles. This is the first time I've done 22 miles in a training cycle. My goal was to keep it slow and just get through the miles. That's what I did. For the most part I felt pretty good. My legs started to feel tired about half way through, but I wasn't surprised considering this was my highest mileage week. Thankfully I lucked out with a beautiful day, which made the miles that much better. I was beyond happy when I finished this one.

beautiful day to run 22 miles

this incline is so gradual it's hard to feel, but the elevation chart always makes me laugh...
and feel a little badass 

Total = 50 miles

With two weeks to go I'm feeling prepared and ready to run the marathon I know I'm capable of, which is my number one goal this time around. I've been thinking a lot about how I plan to attack this marathon mentally as I know that's my biggest obstacle.

And now we taper.


  1. WOOHOO!!!! You ARE Ready!!! I'm so proud of you! You've been so mentally strong taking on each workout this time with less second-guessing your ability. And you did 2 mile intervals on the track?! Are you CRAZAAAAAAAAAY?!

    xo love you!

  2. So excited for you this weekend - you are going to be great! I'll be tracking you! :)