Sunday, September 8, 2013

Applecrest Half Marathon

This morning I ran the Applecrest Half Marathon.  It was a perfect fall day for a race.  The course started and finished at Applecrest Farm, which was beautiful.  I am so excited fall is here.  It's my favorite season by far.

goofy face. trying to pin my number on.
one of the hardest parts of racing.


Where's waldo? 

Honestly, I didn't have much of a plan for this race.  I didn't have a goal time in mind.  I didn't have paces running through my head I wanted to see.  I just wanted to run the race for the experience and to enjoy it.  I have been racing a lot lately, including a hilly 10 miler last weekend.  I was hoping my legs would be recovered enough for what I thought was a flat course.  I guess I missed this on the website:

"The course is moderately hilly but doable for just about any runner or walker."  ooops!  No clue where I got the idea that this course was flat.  I was in for a rude awakening when I started running.

What I looked at on the website and thought...that doesn't look bad.

What I should have looked at.  Good old New England. 

Had I expected a hilly course I would have approached the race a little differently.  My small goal was to keep a consistent pace and not crash at the end.  Spoiler alert, I crashed on the last 3 miles.  Usually, no matter how much I struggle during a race, I am able to push for the last half mile or so for a strong finish.  The finish line for this course was at the top of a very unwelcomed hill.  There was no pushing.  Only dragging my feet.  BUT I did better than my last disaster of a half marathon, which was also a small goal for today, so I have to be happy with that.

I know I have said this a few times before, but this all is really still very much a learning process for me.  I have been able to take something good away from every race, even if the race itself wasn't the best.  Today I learned that my legs aren't ready to handle two hilly distance races two weekends in a row.  I felt the best I have felt in a long time during last weekend's 10 miler.  However, this weekend was a different story.  My legs just weren't having it after 8 miles.

Official time: 1:53:57.  

Not close to a PR, but not close to my worst either.  It was a beautiful day, a beautiful course, and I have a lot to take away and think about from today.  I'd say that's a win in my mind.  

love me some pumpkins

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