Sunday, September 1, 2013

6 weeks

Six weeks baby....SIX WEEKS!! (F.R.I.E.N.D.S anyone?!).  I have 6 little weeks left until I will run my second full marathon in Newport, RI on Oct 13.  I'm starting to freak out a little.  Ok, a lot.

This past week has been full of it's share of ups and downs.  I developed some hip problem that doesn't seem to want to go away.  It started the week before some time, but I can't really pinpoint exactly when.  It's not really my hip either I guess, it's more right above it.  I've been stretching and icing like crazy.  It's been a rather large pain in my ass.

Here's how the past week went.

Monday Rest

Tuesday I was supposed to do 10-12 x 100 on, 100 off 5K pace.  I got through 10, but this was probably the worst day for my hip.  It just didn't want to cooperate, so I threw in the towel.

Wednesday Should have been 35-40 min easy.  My hip was still bothering me, so I decided I should probably listen to my body and take another rest day.

Thursday 5-6 x mile @ MP w/ 1 min rest.  My hip felt a little bit better today.  I did 5 @ MP.  I wanted to do 6 and felt like I could, but since my hip was still a little sore I figured I should stop at 5.

Friday Rest

Saturday I ran the NH 10 miler.  I had 15 miles on the schedule, so I ran 2 before the race and 3 after.  My big goal for this race was to try to run smart.  I've been going out way to fast recently and crashing after only a few miles.  I was determined not to let that happen during this race.  I started out right around MP and felt comfortable throughout the entire race.  It was a super hilly course, and humid as hell, but it was probably the best I have felt during a race in a long time.  My last mile was my fastest one (7:20).  Serious runner's high going on after that race.  My final time was 1:23:01 for 4th in my age group.

NH 10 miler elevation.  Serious butt workout.
The girl who placed 1st in my age group was the 1st place female,
so I'm listed as number 3 for awards.  Fine by me! 

Sunday I was supposed to do 40-45 min easy today.  I thought my hip was feeling better.  It didn't hurt to walk like it had been.  I got ready to go for a run, put on my hokas, and went out the door.  Unfortunately I didn't get very far.  My hip started hurting on the first few steps, so I turned around and went back home.

I am super bummed.  But I'm hoping by giving it another day I'll be ready to go for next week.  Monday is a scheduled rest day for me, so I'll have 2 days off in a row by taking today off, which should help.  I'm thinking a bag of ice will be my bff for the next couple of days.            

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