Thursday, June 6, 2013

Am I crazy?

This past weekend and week have been very busy.  I moved in to a new apartment on Saturday.  It was 90+ degrees and humid as hell all weekend.  Perfect for moving.  Thankfully we had a lot of help and were able to get everything in and put away over the course of the weekend.  It's really starting to feel like home.

In the middle of moving boxes and furniture I was asked, more than once, if I was crazy.  I've been asked this many times before, but never really thought much of it.  For some reason it stuck this time I crazy?

Let's see...

As I said above, this weekend we moved in excruciatingly hot/humid weather.  Knowing it was going to be hot and humid, I decided to get up early to run before we started moving on Saturday.  Even though I would get quite the workout from moving, I still wanted to get in a run.  Does that make me crazy?

Sunday we had a lot of unpacking to do.  Again it was going to be ridiculously hot and sticky.  I got up at 6 to hopefully run before it got too hot.  I didn't make it.  I knew right away the 12 miles I had planned were not going to happen.  I ended up getting through 9.  In an effort to stay out of the sun, I ran around the same couple neighborhoods, and back and forth on the same short trail over and over again.  Does that make me crazy?

This isn't actually the trail...but you get the idea.
Since I wasn't able to finish my run on Sunday, I decided to go for a run on Monday after work.  My training plan had the option of 30-40min easy or OFF.  Typically I would have taken Monday off.  I am a nurse, and while working spend 12hrs on my feet speed walking from place to place.  My feet, legs and body are pretty tried by the time I get home.  But I wanted to finish those 12 miles I started, even if it took me 2 days.  So, my tired legs and I went for a run.  Does that make me crazy?

Today I was pretty pumped to run 50-60 min on hilly terrain.  I made those hills my bitches.  Does that make me crazy?

Recently I got a running coach.  A very known running coach.  I'm going to make it work with my budget somehow.  I didn't ask her to be my coach because I want to win races or to try to become some superstar runner.  I asked her to be my coach so I can become a better runner just because I want to.  I've been running regularly since 2007, when I ran my first marathon and I've been doing it on my own since.  I decided I wanted to ask for some help to try to understand running and what it takes to become a better runner.  Does that make me crazy?

I spend more money on running clothes than I do anything else.  And by running clothes, I mean Oiselle.  I think I'm what you'd call an addict.  They're amazing.  Does that make me crazy?

I also sit around with bags of ice on my legs, occasionally jump in to a tub full of ice water, lie on my back with my legs up the wall , and foam roll most body parts in very questionable positions.  Does that make me crazy?

After thinking about it some more, I can only come up with one response.  No, I'm not crazy...I'm a runner!  And I am damn proud of it.

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  1. cute post. nope not crazy, I do similar things (unless that makes us both crazy)