Thursday, May 23, 2013

taper me crazy

Half marathon is 3 days away.  Since I have been training like never before, I am also feeling the effects of the taper like never before.  Tapering is FUN! Wait, no it's not really.  My legs feel like crap on every run, I can't stop stuffing my face with food, and I am feeling some serious anxiety about race day.  

race day worries:
1. For the first time I will be staying at someone else's house the night before the race.  Kind of crazy...time to branch out more.  BUT this is creating major virgin anxiety.
2. I have a very specific routine I do before I run a race.  It's nothing crazy, coffee, eat, read social media sites to clear my mind, etc.  Sorry if I wake everyone up super early to get all this in.  Race starts at 7!
3. I have a hard enough time sleeping in my own bed.  How the hell will I get sleep on an air mattress?
4. Small Boston apartment + 7 people = tight squeeze...oh and there's only 1 bathroom.
5. Not my own house/bathroom inability to poop.  This is wait, definitely is...the BIGGEST anxiety producing fact.  Stomach issues?! I got lots of them.  It's going to be a loooong 13.1 miles if I can't take care of business before hand.  Serious potential problem.

BUT with that being said, I am super excited to run this race on Sunday.

And I've been reassured that poo legs = race bring it on!

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