Tuesday, March 25, 2014

updates on training and life

Is it spring yet?  I guess technically it is, but it certainly doesn't feel like it yet on the east coast.  I know many people are with me when I say I am craving some warm sunshine ASAP.  This winter has really been testing my patience.

C'mon sun, please melt the snow and ice

Despite the relentless winter weather, I've still managed to get most of my runs done outside.  Most days I would still rather run in the cold than run on the treadmill.  I've been feeling some fatigue in my legs that doesn't seem to want to let up, but I've still managed to get through my runs and hit my paces.

Here's what last week's training looked like:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 12 x 100m on, 100m off @ 5k pace (7:00 min average) with 15 minute warm up and cool down
Wednesday: 40 min easy
Thursday: 2 sets of 1000 (HMP), 800 (10k pace), 600 (5k pace), 400 (mile pace) with 3 min jog recovery in between everything and 15 minute warm up and 10 min cool down.  My paces looked like this - 1st set: 7:59, 7:49, 7:14, 7:01 2nd set: 8:04, 7:49, 7:11, 6:49.  I was really happy with this work out.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: I was supposed to do 35-40 min easy and 4 x 100m strides.  My legs felt tired and my butt was super tight.  I felt off.  I ran 35 min easy and only did 2 strides.  I wrote it off to lack of sleep the night before after working until midnight, followed by lots of tossing and turning all night.   
Sunday:  15-16 miles on hilly terrain.  I was a little nervous for this run since Saturday didn't go quite as planned.  I mapped out a hilly route, and went on my way.  To my surprise, I felt much better than expected and enjoyed the views at the top of my climb.  15 hilly miles done. 

hills hurt, but the views sure don't

Some pretty exciting, non running related news, is that Ryan and I are moving.  He was offered a job he couldn't pass up in Boston, so come June we'll be packing up and heading to the city.  I lived in Boston a few years ago, for a couple of years, and have always loved the city of Boston.  I am so very excited to go back.  This weekend we're going down to look at an apartment and do some exploring.  I'm very fortunate in that my job will allow me to transfer to another clinic closer to where we'll be moving.  I've been feeling a little trapped in the small town we live in now, so I am really looking forward to this new adventure, complete with many new running routes to explore!

Boston, I'm coming for you.    

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