Friday, October 11, 2013

almost time to run a marathon!

I almost can't believe the marathon is only 2 days away!  However, the constant butterflies in my stomach are a good reminder.  I also had my first ever marathon nightmare last night.  I think it's safe to say I have marathon brain.  I'll be lucky if I can remember much of anything else today.

I have been on vacation this week, which has been great.  I have been taking full advantage of not running all the time, and not working either.  Here's a quick recap of the week:

Saturday:  I met up with Stephanie to do a 12 mile run.  On the schedule was 5 easy, 5 @ MP and 2 easy.  You can read Stephanie's recap of the run here.  Unfortunately, she didn't have the best of days.  But I finished that run feeling great and ready to tackle a marathon.  After we finished running I went to cheer on my friends running the Applefest Half Marathon.  One of my friends, Julie, was running her first half.  It was so exciting to see her finish!!  

cheering is almost as fun as racing!

After the race we all went apple picking at a local apple orchard.  It was a lot of fun!

never too old to climb a tree!
I couldn't resist playing in the sunflowers 

Sunday:  Easy 50 min run followed by watching the Patriots game. 

Monday: REST 

Tuesday:  Tuesday was supposed to be 15 min warm up, 2 x 200m, 3 min recovery, 2 mi @ HMP, 3 min recovery, fast 800, 15 min cool down.  This run was a bit of a disaster.  The 200's were ok, but I just felt off.  My breathing was heavy from the start and my legs didn't feel like running.  I had to stop and walk during the 2 miles at half marathon pace, and the 800 was anything but fast.  I felt defeated.  It's was not exactly the run I wanted the week before the marathon.  Thankfully, I had some friends to talk me off the ledge and assure me this is normal.  

Wednesday: 30 min w/ 4 x 100m strides.  Thankfully my body decided to cooperate for this run.  After running we took a trip up to Burlington, VT for the night.  I have some friends who live up there and wanted to visit.  I had only been to Burlington once before, but didn't really remember it, and the BF had never been.  Holy crap, Burlington is beautiful!!  The entire drive up I was in awe of the amazing views of the mountains.  We spent the afternoon walking around, enjoying VT beers and cider, and the delicious food.  I was blown away. 

Lake Champlain

Enjoying a cider at The Farmhouse

Gorgeous sunset


Thursday:  I was able to run in Burlington before heading home to NH.  I had 15 min warm up, 3 min medium effort, 2 min medium-hard, and 1 min hard with 3 min easy jogging in between each, 15 min cool down.  I ran down to the lake and along a bike path.  It was absolutely beautiful!  The run itself felt pretty good, although I probably stopped a few too many times to take pictures.  I fell in love with VT.


Friday:  REST.  Today is a rest day.  It's 11:23 and I haven't gotten off the couch yet.  I fully embrace the rest days.  Today I have to pack for Rhode Island, paint my nails, clean the house, and decide what I am going to wear.  I have NO idea what to wear.  Well, that's not true...I have a few options, but it's causing me serious anxiety.  The forecast as of right now looks pretty perfect though: 60 degrees and 20% chance of rain.  I'll take it!

Tomorrow my friends and I are traveling down to RI.  I plan to do a 20 min easy run before heading down and then wrapping myself in compression gear for the remainder of the day.  One of my friends is running the full marathon with me.  To my surprise she told me last night she planned to run with me and help me reach my goal of sub-4hrs.  She is a super speedy runner, but apparently hasn't had time to put in the training she'd like.  So she graciously agreed to pace me.  I seriously can't thank her enough.  My step brother is also running the full, and 3 of my friends are running the half marathon.  I am so grateful for all the support and know it's going to help tremendously.  

Bring it on, Rhode Island!  I'm ready for you.         

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